7.62x39 - Cleaned Reloading Brass, Mixed Headstamps

7.62x39 - Cleaned Reloading Brass, Mixed Headstamps


This listing is for 7.62x39 reloading brass. 


What has been done to this brass:

  • Wet tumbled clean in our stainless steel media
  • Thoroughly dried to prevent waterspots and ringers
  • Light wax coating applied to prevent tarnish
  • Sorted to remove Berdan primed cases


This brass has normal wear from being fired from an AK style firearm.


This brass is from indoor ranges that do not allow reloads in their range. Though we cannot guarantee "once-fired", we can guarantee that we remove anything that we see that appears to have been reloaded. 


Extra brass is always included with your order to ensure you have an adequate amount of usable brass. Some nickel casings may be included. If you wish for only brass casings, please include a note on your order stating as such.