We are AmmoBrass LLC.


We started in the Summer of 2012 with a single bucket of brass, meticulously sorting each caliber by hand in the heat of the Florida Sun. We are a father and son team, working every day to bring our loyal customers the best possible product.

About Our Equipment:

We currently use the best in automation equipment that is commercially available. We have nine Dillon Precision Super-1050s, six AmmoBot autodrives, a Magma Rimless Case Master, a Mortgenson roller sorter, two Ultimate Sorters, four Southern Shine dual-drum tumblers, and three Frankfurt Arsenal wet tumblers.

About Our Process:

We began cleaning the brass in dry media with small vibratory tumblers and eventually moved up to cement mixers running 24 hours a day. When we discovered wet tumbling, we decided it was best to move completely to that, instead of dry tumbling due to having a better cleaned end product, an easier cleaning method, and less hazardous dust coating every surface of the cleaning area. We also have a proprietary drying method that gets our brass dried thoroughly in a short period of time. 

We at AmmoBrass, LLC take pride in using the best commercial equipment available. One of the many reasons that Dillon Precision equipment fills our benches. 

AmmoBrass, LLC is a family owned and operated business from a small town in Central Florida.


Brass pups are an essential part of AmmoBrass, LLC. They sniff out bad brass and help us provide a superior product. This pup shown is Dixie who recently passed away. RIP.

To increase output, save time, reduce manpower, and to not have arthritis, we only use the best in automation equipment. That's why we use AmmoBot autodrives. They have a vast array of sensors that better assist us in providing the best possible product to our customers.