Announcement - Please read before ordering!

*ANNOUNCEMENT- 7/31/2020*


We were able to find another source for raw brass.  Unfortunately, they are charging us more per pound than our previous supplier who is currently out of stock.  So, you will notice an increase in price.  We hated to do it, but I know you understand.  Shipping is still free!


We are still currently shipping at 3-4 weeks, but you may experience a wait up to 6 weeks.  Please be patient and know that we are working 7 days a week to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. 

We've taken some popular listings off the website, and also implemented quantity restrictions on items to allow more customers to purchase brass.  Barring an inventory error on our part, all orders will be fulfilled.  We have plenty of brass on hand.  The delay is in the processing end.  We just purchased 3 more Dillon CP2000's and hired two additional personnel to streamline operations. 

Please do not contact us about shipping times or status of your order.  You will automatically receive an email with tracking information when we create your shipping label. This does not mean your order has actually shipped, just that we have printed the label.  We do this so that when the brass is ready to ship, we can immediately box and ship it.  So, don't worry too much if your tracking number does not update for several days.

Also, we will not be issuing any refunds for shipping delays, for buyers remorse, or for orders already shipped to customers hoping to sell our brass for a profit. (You know who you are.)  By placing your order with us, you have committed to buy and we have committed to ship. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Be safe and God bless, 

The Lucroy Family

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