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AmmoBrass Swage Setter - Avaliable in 9mm, .223Rem, and .308/45ACP

AmmoBrass Swage Setter - Avaliable in 9mm, .223Rem, and .308/45ACP

Due to a manufacturing issue, we are currently out of stock on the .308 Swage Setters.  We will update quantities when we get them in stock.


The AmmoBrass Swage Setter is for use with any swaging devices such as Dillon Super Swage 600, Dillon 1050 presses, and almost any other swaging device to assist you in properly setting your swage rod and swage back-up die.


These are caliber specific. You will need a Swage Setter in each caliber you swage the primer pockets of. 


This product is milled from solid brass block and not made from fired brass casings. This is a very high quality product. 

The set-up is simple and instructions will be included with each Swage Setter.


Currently we have 3 calibers available. 

  • 9mm
  • 223 Rem (Also works with 300 Blk) 
  • .308 / 45 ACP


Update:  The Swage Setters that we currently have in stock needed to be wet-tumbled due to tarnish and fingerprints.  Therefore, the Swage Setters you will receive will not have black in the engravings.  They are engraved with the calibers, but there is no black in the engravings.  Each Swage Setter will be packaged in a separate zip bag for easy identification.


We do offer international shipping on this product. Please email us to set up the transaction. 

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