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Speer Nickel 223/556 Matching Headstamp Once-Fired BULK


This listing is for reloading brass that is .223/5.56 Nickel, Speer headstamp, previously fired brass casings. These nickel casings have a primer crimp and we can guarantee these have not been reloaded.


You can choose to purchase this brass either unprocessed wet-tumbled clean, unprocessed pre-lubed, or fully processed.


The "lubed brass" option is using our in-house, water soluble, non-toxic lube. This brass will also be wet-tumbled.


The following brass prep has been done to the "fully processed" option:


  • Deprimed
  • Primer Pocket Swaged
  • Small Base Sized
  • Trimmed to 1.748 +/- .003
  • Shoulder Bumped Back to -0.003 as per SAAMI Specs, using an RCBS Precision Micrometer
  • Wet Tumbled in our Stainless Steel Media


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