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10lb Bullet Lead Ingot, Melted Range Lead


This listing is for 1 bullet lead bar that weighs approximately 10lbs. These lead ingots are all about 10 pounds each. They are all range lead consisting of spent lead bullets that have been melted down and poured into rectangular molds. This lead reads 15-17 BHN lead hardness on our BLT tester.The weights vary slightly with these ingots. But, they are all right at 10lbs each. Each bar measures approximately 9" long, 2 1/2" wide, 1 1/3" deep. We are selling these by the bar. We can ship up to 6 ingots at a time in a flat rate box. This lead is ready to be used to make your own lead projectiles, balls, and bullets. Or, it can be used in other lead castings such as sail boat ballasts, toy soldiers, fishing weights, line weights, jigs, or sinkers. This lead is very clean as you can see in the pictures. When melting, do not to raise metals temperature above 700 F or molten oxidation can occur. It is recommended that you use a respirator, full face shield, heavy gloves, and safety glasses when melting lead. Lead must be completely dry before melting. Do not purchase if you are not allowed to possess this item. The buyer is solely responsible for ensuring all safety standards are met and followed. We assume no liability and make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding our products. California Proposition 65: Contains Lead

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